Theresa May And Husband Philip Take Part In Personal Interview On The One Show

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  • The Prime Minister’s husband was thrust into the spotlight on Tuesday evening, when the pair were interviewed on the BBC’s popular magazine show, The One Show.

    Theresa May was joined by her husband Philip for the interview, which, rather than getting into her political policies, instead got pretty personal, with the pair talking about their marriage, home life, and rumours of Theresa’s pregnancy.

    Philip is the first male consort in 10 Downing Street since Sir Denis Thatcher. Although he has his own successful career as a City financier, Philip has continued to keep a relatively low
    profile since Theresa became PM. However, he appears to be stepping in to help as the general election draws

    The One Show interview, conducted by popular presenters Alex Jones and Matt Baker, saw the couple grilled on what life behind closed doors is really like for them.

    Theresa and Philip appeared relaxed and casual, even getting into the origins of their relationship and how they got together. The couple met while studying at Oxford university, and Philip admitted “It was love at first sight”, to which Theresa agreed, saying “Likewise”.

    Theresa was also quizzed on her now-famous shoe collection, and even revealed that her vast collection inspired one lady to get into politics.

    She recalled a time that she complimented a fellow politician on her shoe choice, to which the lady responded, “Your shoes got me involved in politics.”

    During the interview, the couple even divulged details of the more private side of their relationship. When asked by Alex Jones if the traditional ministerial red boxes were banned from the bedroom, Theresa replied, “I don’t think it’s made an appearance. I’ve never had to try to shoo it out.”

    The couple, who have been married for 36 years, also displayed just
    how close they are during the live interview, with Philip admitting that
    he sees his role as “trying to give Theresa as much support as I can”.

    During the interview, the PM was questioned on the fact that she has called a general election, which she famously promised she wouldn’t until 2020.

    Theresa defened her choices, saying, “When I became PM last year, the most important thing was stability.

    “But when we were going through the process of triggering Article 50, it just became clear that other parties were looking ahead to disrupt negotiations.”

    Philip also revealed just how strange it can be to be the husband of the Prime Minister, saying, “Being a spouse, the whole thing is very humbling, really.

    “You think ‘gosh, so many people are entrusting their futures to Theresa and the team she leads’. I think that’s incredible, really.”

    But he also admitted that Theresa’s busy schedule often meant that, “If you’re the kind of man who expects his tea to be on the table at six o’clock every evening, you could be a disappointed man.”

    Since the interview, the couple have faced some backlash of how Theresa answered a question about household chores and gender roles. 

    When probed by Alex Jones about how the couple each help out, Philip answered, “Well it’s a good question. There’s give and take in every marriage. I get to decide when to take the bins out, not if I take the bins out!”

    Theresa then added, “There’s boy and girl jobs, you see.”

    Philip then confirmed, “I definitely do the taking the bins out, I do the traditional boy jobs by and large.”

    The comments left Twitter users reeling, with many, including political figures, stating that her comments were sexist and unneccessary.



    During the interview, Theresa and Philip also addressed rumours that spun round early in Theresa’s political career about a potential baby, with Theresa mentioning, “We’ve had our own experience of fake news way back when I was wanting to be selected for a seat.

    “One of the newspapers reported I was going to have trouble being selected to fight a seat as a Conservative candidate because of my new baby. Well we didn’t have a baby, and we didn’t think anything more of it until that afternoon my mother in law rang.”

    Philip then interjected and said, “My mum rang and she thought perhaps there was something we hadn’t told her.”

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