Will Shirley Ballas Return To Strictly Come Dancing Next Year? The Head Judge Speaks Out On Speculation

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  • She’s only just joined the series this year, but it seems as though Shirley Ballas’ future on Strictly Come Dancing could be uncertain after the 2017 series ends.

    Shirley replaced Len Goodman as Head Judge for the current series of the popular BBC dance show, but has faced a barrage of criticism for her judging on the show in the past.

    However, she’s also proven popular with many fans, who have praised her technical and precise feedback.

    But when asked if she would be returning to the judging panel for a second year in 2018, Shirley delivered a coy answer that suggested the dancer was uncertain of her future on the programme.

    She told The Sun, “Let’s wait and get this season over with first.

    “It’s been an experience. And at 57! It’s been wonderful.”

    Shirley also spoke out about the criticism she’s faced for the celebrities that are kicked off of the show, making the point that it’s the public who send viewers to the dance-off.

    She said, “They put Alexandra in the bottom two and if I would have sent her home they would have blamed me, but they put her there.”

    Shirley also revealed that she was keen to judge on the contestants entire show run, rather than just the dance-off performance – but was refused.

    “I asked if I could judge on this but no I have to judge on that.”

    However controversials fans find her judging, it seems Shirley definitely has a big fan in former Head Judge Len Goodman though.

    Speaking on Lorraine, Len revealed that he was a huge fan of his replacement, saying, “I think Shirley is doing a wonderful job.

    “I’ve known her all her dancing life. I’ve judged her hundreds of times. So yeah, of course I know Shirley.

    “I guess it was always going to be difficult to step in. But I’m sure there are thousands of people that think, ‘Thank goodness Goodman is gone and we’ve got the lovely Shirley!’ I think she’s doing a wonderful job.

    “She’s a head judge, she talks about the technique and she knows her stuff. I think she’s doing lovely jubbly!”

    Len also spoke about his time on the show – and even revealed that since leaving Strictly, he’s struggled with a little regret for departing the programme. So could Len really be the one to replace Shirley if she chooses not to return next year?

    He confessed, “There’s always a twang of regret.

    “I done it for 12 years, and I wasn’t getting too dithery but there comes a time when…I did it for twelve years.

    “I just couldn’t keep flying, going back and forwards [to and from America].” Len also judges on Dancing With The Stars

    So it seems as though Len has left Strictly firmly in his past, for now…