Sarah Solemani Talks Bridget Jones, Babies And Patrick Dempsey

Comedy actress and writer Sarah Solemani, known for her roles in Him and Her and Bad Education, joins a star-studded British line up for the next instalment of the comedy franchise – Bridget Jones’s Baby – which hits cinemas this Friday. The film is set a few years on from the last one, now Bridget is a successful TV producer and Sarah plays her colleague, Miranda, a TV presenter on Bridget’s show.

We spoke to Sarah about playing the role of Bridget’s new best friend and what it was like working alongside Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey.

Your character is very different to the ones you’ve played before, what was it like playing Miranda and were there any similarities between you and her?

Well I loved playing her, she’s a great character, she’s got a lot of funny lines and funny moments. She’s very alpha, as she presents this news programme which is very serious and she interviews very important people – but she has a sense of fun, and it’s very important to her that she gets Bridget Jones on Tinder and to a music festival – and I can relate to that! I like working and acting and writing, but at the end of the day I want to have a good time with my friends and family and enjoy myself.

You and Renee’s on-screen friendship is hilarious, you’re like two mischievous schoolgirls, did that chemistry translate off camera as well?

Yes there were a lot of laughs. She had to fall in the film – well she falls in every film – but this film it’s particularly spectacular [Bridget plummets into a giant mud puddle at at music festival], and I kept laughing at her. I don’t think she found it that funny after day 3 of shooting as it was cold and we were outside but I found it very funny!

Who did you want to be the father of the baby?

Well you see I’ve agonised about this for months and to be really honest with you I’ve had a baby and you do need two men! You need one to look after the baby, and you need one to look after… you know what – you need three men. You need three men because you need someone to look after the house and get the groceries. So I think Bridget is being quite modest in only having two.

Were you excited to be approached for the film?

I was absolutely thrilled. When you get the call that they are making another Bridget Jones film, you just hope it’s going to be good – because there’s lots of remakes and franchises and they are just hashing old stuff and it doesn’t feel very fresh – so I was thrilled, but cautiously thrilled. But then I read the script and it was just genuinely one of the funniest scripts I had read in a long time – and I read a lot of comedy scripts! So I was just really excited that it was coming back to life and better than ever.

What was it like working with Colin and Patrick?

Well I didn’t have any scenes really with Colin, so I didn’t get to know him as well as I got to know Patrick. Patrick is really fun, he likes to improvise and I love that, so we had a lot of fun and we could tease each other – he didn’t take himself very seriously. He had this coffee which he’d drink every day which was just black coffee with churned butter in it! I mocked him but then he let me try it and it was the best coffee I’ve ever had! Then I made him get me one everyday, so thanks for that Patrick.

Describe the film in three words.

Hysterical, heartwarming and Bridget-y.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is out in cinemas now.