Ryanair changes luggage policy again – and customers aren’t happy

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  • If you're planning on jetting off on holiday soon, and happen to be flying with Ryanair - you may want to double check the amount of luggage you're allowed to take on board.

    Due to new rules, those travelling with the budget airline will now face a big change to the way they organise their luggage.

    As of November 1st, flyers will only be allowed to take one small bag as carry-on luggage, rather than being able to bring a short suitcase in to the hold for free, as they have become used to.

    Ryanair have revealed that the bag must be no bigger than 40x20x25 cm, and must fit under the set in front of you when you’re on the plane.

    It’s a big change to the way things have been done previously, and will likely mark a shift in the way passengers will pack when it comes to flying with the airline.

    The new policy also dictates that if your bag is too large at check-in, you will be charged a fee of £25.

    Customers will also have to pay £8 for a 10kg check-in bag, or £25 for all bags and suitcases over 10kg. The rules now mean that passengers will have to pay a minimum of the £8 fee, if they want to take any bag bigger than one that will fit under the seat in front of them.

    When the changes were introduced onThursday, the airline was hit with some confusion from customers at airports across the UK, who were unaware of the new policy. In fact, Ryanair was forced to waive many of the new extra fees, in the face of chaotic scenes and disgruntled passengers.

    Flyers were left disappointed in the new luggage rules, with many claiming that it is just another way for Ryanair to keep charging their customers more and more money.

    A spokesperson for the airline told the Daily Mail, “While our new bag policy has come in to effect today (1 Nov), we have briefed our gate agents to take a reasonable approach while customers get used to the new rules.”

    However, the budget airline has stated that the changes have been made in order to avoid long queues and to make the entire airport process easier than before.

    On their website, Ryanair explained the supposed benefits of the change. They said, ‘Main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and cheaper checked bag option.

    ‘Pack more liquids into a 10kg checked wheelie bag. Walk to the boarding gate hands free.’

    However, it appears that the policy change is proving to be easier said than done at the moment, following Thursday’s confusion. So what do you think of the new baggage policy change? Do you think it’s a good idea – or not?

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