Eamonn Holmes Forced To Apologise For Ruth Langsford’s Inappropriate Comment Live On Air

They’re a hilariously unpredictable pair at the best of times when presenting together on live TV. But things got slightly more awkward recently when Eamonn Holmes was forced to apologise for an inappropriate comment made by wife Ruth Langsford live on This Morning.

The couple, who are currently fronting the daytime show while Holly and Phil are on holiday, were presenting a segment about making your relationship last the summer. As part of the slot, Ruth and Eamonn was discussing some research which said that most break-ups occur during the month of August.

And everything appeared to be going swimmingly, until Ruth made a joking comment that left Eamonn more than a little red-faced.

Chatting about the news, Eamonn began talking, saying “Look, I’m just trying to imagine the scene. Say you’re watching us from a caravan right and you’re supposed to be out and about hiking or on the beach and it’s pouring with rain and someone is getting right on your…”

Ruth then finished off the sentence, quipping, “Thruppeny bits”.

Clearly shocked, Eamonn retorted back, “You can’t say that!”

Ruth had responded back in Cockney Rhyming Slang, where ‘Thrupenny bits’ is slang for a slightly more unsavoury word, ‘T**s’.

Eamonn continued, turning to the camera to say, “Before Ofcom report us I’d like to apologise to any children watching for old potty mouth Langsford there!”

But it took a few seconds before Ruth caught on to what she’d actually said – “Am I allowed to say that? Maybe not…probably not..

“I just realised what it means!”

The couple allowed themselves a few seconds of giggling, but, ever the professionals, composed themselves enough to move onto the next slot of the daytime TV show.

Ruth and Eamonn are well known and much beloved for their on-screen gaffes. Just a few months ago, Ruth was caught out yet again, as she was enjoying a turkey cooked by the resident This Morning chef. The pair were introducing a Christmas cooking segment, when Ruth said, “From lumpy gravy to under-cocked turkey…”

Realising her mistake, the veteran TV presenter looked alarmed. But luckily, Eamonn was on hand to correct her, saying “under-cooked turkey”. He then swiftly cut to an ad-break to save Ruth’s blushes!

Mornings wouldn’t be the same without these two really, would they?