‘No life is disposable’ Rory Kinnear pens heartfelt essay after his sister sadly passed away due to Covid-19

Rory Kinnear
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British actor Rory Kinnear has penned a moving essay after the death of his sister due to Covid-19.

The actor, known for playing Bill Tanner in the James Bond films and several theatre productions, wrote a moving essay after the death of his sister.

Rory explains that Karina, who was 48 at the time of her death, lived her whole life with severe brain damage caused by lack of oxygen at birth, and the health complications she’s suffered since put her in the vulnerable category.

Rory Kinnear

The family feared for her life since COVID-19 fears in the UK started earlier this year, and sadly the worst happened.

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“A nurse, Patricia, held up Karina’s iPad while my mum, via FaceTime on her mobile, narrated a favourite story of hers for the last time and thanked her for the happiness she had brought us all. Mum then held up her home phone to her mobile, where my other sister, Kirsty, at hers, was able to say how much she loved her and would miss her”, he wrote in a piece for The Guardian.

“And then Kirsty held up her husband’s phone to hers where I, on loudspeaker, from my house, played Karina one of her favourite songs and told her how proud I was to have been her brother and what gratitude I felt for what she had taught me about life.”

Rory goes on to say that he hopes the thousands of deaths being caused by the virus help change the lives of people who need care, like his sister, because no life is ‘disposable’.

“No one could describe Karina as weak: she did not have it coming, she was no more disposable than anyone else. Her death was not inevitable, does not ease our burden, is not a blessing.”

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