Rolf Harris To Challenge Recent Sexual Assault Convictions, As His Lawyer Claims Jury Had Their Minds ‘Poisoned’

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  • 87-year-old Rolf Harris is now trying to overturn his recent sexual assault convictions, after spending three years behind bars following the allegations.

    The former entertainer has renewed his application to have his previous convictions overturned recently, after his lawyers stated that there was some evidence to prove his wasn’t even in the area at the time of one of the alleged assaults.

    In other cases, people who have been convicted of crimes fight to overturn their sentences in order to be released early from prison.

    Back in 2014, Rolf Harris was convicted of 12 sexual assaults which reportedly took place between 1968 and 1986. It’s alleged that he assaulted four girls, including one who was just eight years old at the time.

    He was sentenced to six years in prison, but served just over three years of his sentence, when he was released in May 2017.

    Now, lawyers have put forward new evidence which they say proves the former presenter wasn’t at the Leigh Park Community centre in Hampshire, where one of the accusers said she was assaulted in the 60s.

    Stephen Vullo QC, one of Rolf Harris’ lawyers, said: “We only need to show one count was unsafe in order to have a retrial.”

    Two former police officers and a father of one of the victims have claimed that Rolf Harris was not in the area at the time of the alleged assault.

    And Harris’ laywers have also claimed that the jury was poisoned against the former entertainer, with Vullo claiming that false allegations were put to the jury – “Not intentionally  – but that is what has happened”.

    Vullo continued, “With power comes responsibility – it is fine if the counts are good and the evidence is solid then the logic is good. The problem comes when there is a drop of poison on the charge and the jury did not know that to be the case.”

    However, the prosecution have argued that there are still significant claims against Harris.

    It’s expected that it will take two weeks for the judges to deliver their verdict on whether Harris’ convictions can be overturned.