Richard Madeley interview

You’ve been married for 22 years – are you and Judy still romantic? Definitely – and Judy can still surprise me, too. When we were on holiday in France recently, Judy wrote me a lovely poem about what she thinks about me. I try to be romantic as well – I always get Judy breakfast in bed.

My loves Cornwall.
We have a house there and walk to the local village along the clifftop path, listening to the seagulls.

Helen Mirren. 
Judy and I have recently interviewed her again and she’s wonderful. She gets more and more beautiful the older she gets and is such an inspiration.

The England football team. I can still remember our victory in 1966, so hold the belief that glory is possible again. Yes, it’s unlikely with the current team – but I live in eternal hope.

White wine. Okay, so I’m trying to cut back, but a chilled Sauvignon Blanc really is a taste of heaven.

My hates Tomatoes. 
It’s a weird thing, as I like ketchup, tomato soup and pizzas topped with tomato sauce, but I loathe raw tomatoes. Urgh!

Full-fat milk.
 It makes me want to gag – it’s so thick and sticks to the roof of your mouth. I’ve been a skimmed milk man for years.

Conspiracy theories 
Anyone who believes the 1969 American moon landing didn’t happen should be shut away in a padded room for a very, very long time.

Apester Lazyload