Prue Leith Felt ‘Suicidal’ After Accidentally Revealing The Winner Ahead Of GBBO Final

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  • In one of the year’s biggest social media blunders, cake expert Prue Leith accidentally revealed the winner of The Great British Bake Off, just hours before the show aired on Channel 4.

    Following the incident last month, the judge admitted that she felt ‘awful’ after congratulating the competition’s winner, Sophie Faldo, via Twitter before the final aired 6 hours later.

    Prue explained on ITV’s This Morning that she had been abroad during the season finale broadcast and got her UK times mixed up.

    “I was in Bhutan and had not had any reception for a while so when I turned on my phone and there was reception there was a mass of tweets and one of them said ‘don’t forget to congratulate the winner after 10.30′.”

    After panicking about the time, she quickly tweeted to congratulate the winner, then realised her error.

    “As soon as it went I thought ‘oh my God’ and I went into a panic mode where I couldn’t work my phone and I didn’t know how to delete it quickly,” the 77-year-old cook said.

    “In the end I just rang my trusty PA and she said, ‘I’ve already deleted it,’ and it was 89 seconds after I had done it and that was too late, it had been retweeted.”

    Prue added that it was “the most idiotic thing in the world” and “one of the worst half an hours” of her life after realising what she’d done.

    When asked how she felt, Prue told This Morning hosts that she felt “suicidal”.

    “I felt suicidal, awful. The thing that upset me most was I thought this will take attention off the winner, and Sophie had worked for months and months for this moment and the column inches are going to be about my tweet, not about her triumph.”

    Despite her mistake, the finale pulled in huge ratings with an audience of 7.3 million people.

    Social media can be a minefield at the best of times – we still love you, Prue!