Letters Written By Princess Diana Revealed

A collection of letters from Princess Diana to her private secretary Jane Parsons M.B.E have been released, ahead of an auction to sell them in April.

And the contents of the letters are pretty revealing – according to the auction house, offering an “intimate glimpse into the marriage” of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The couple had a fairly rocky union, with rumours of infidelity on both sides, before they eventually split in 1996.

And one letter seems to suggest that things weren’t quite right between the pair from the start – even on their honeymoon on the Royal Yacht Brittania in 1981. Whilst on board the royal ship, Diana wrote to her private secretary that the “honeymoon was a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep”, suggesting much of the holiday wasn’t spend enjoying her time with her new husband.

The Prince and Princess of Wales went on a 16-day cruise around the Mediterranean for their honeymoon. It was thought to be much more relaxed than other royal honeymoons, as the couple made plans daily, rather than preparing the trip weeks in advance. Going on honeymoon on board the royal ship meant that the couple were also able to maintain some privacy.

 (Prince Charles and Princess Diana on honeymoon)

And the honeymoon isn’t the only thing divulged within the letters. Diana also spoke about her royal duties, in a letter suggesting that the travelling and royal tours perhaps weren’t her favourite part of the job. She wrote, “It’s marvellous to be home again and hopefully we won’t have to do any more travelling this year… Wishful thinking!”

In other letters, the ‘People’s Princess’ also showed just how considerate she was of her staff, thanking everyone in the office for her 21st birthday present, and stating her “gratitude at having such a wonderful collection of people looking after us”.

She also wrote that she wanted to ensure her staff didn’t feel “exhausted, overworked and underpaid”, following William’s birth in 1982, when they would have been working overtime to ensure everything was sorted for the royal family.

And it seems that the young Prince William was a pretty lucky baby, as Diana wrote that he had received 4,500 presents following his birth, and that she sent a grand total of 24,000 thank-you notes to all the people who had showered them with gifts.

(Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Charles in Auckland in 1983)

The letters are part of a wide collection being auctioned off, and alongside it, dried flowers from the Princess’ wedding bouquet, Christmas cards, photographs and invitations to Royal events will also be sold.

The auction will take place at Stroud Auction Rooms’ in Gloucestershire on 12th April at 10am, although a pre-auction viewing will also take place on 11th April between 10am and 7pm.