Princess Charlotte’s Birthday Gifts: Revealed

It comes as no surprise that since her birth in 2015, Princess Charlotte has received gifts from all over the world.

Kensington Palace released a list of gifts, including toys, books, blankets and clothing, from world leaders, community groups and schools in 64 countries.

Here’s a mere snapshot of the presents Princess Charlotte has received:

  • Charlotte’s uncle Prince Harry gave her a New Zealand Rugby sleep suit
    and Wellington Rugby snowsuit, brought back from his recents trip to New
  • Prime Minister David Cameron gifted her with copy of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales
  • New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key gave a selection of teddy bears, baby blankets and bootees, all made from Stansborough wool.
  • The Australian government sent a Tasmanian merino wool blanket and donated 10,000 Australian dollars to the Healesville Sanctuary.

  • Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau gave a snowsuit, a book, and donated 100,000 Canadian dollars to Immunize Canada.
  • During their recent visit to London, Barack and Michelle Obama gifted Charlotte with a jigsaw puzzle and a stuffed toy version of their dog ‘Bo’.
  • The President of Mexico and Señora Angélica Rivera gave Charlotte a rattle made of silver
  • The Natural Sapphire Company claims to have given Princess Charlotte an 18 carat white gold rattle decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires to form the Union Jack – worth a reported £30,000 – last year as a thank you for the increase in sales of sapphire engagement rings following the Duke and Duchess’ engagement. This has not been confirmed by Kensington Palace, as they do not usually accept gifts from commercial companies.

A spokeswoman from Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are incredibly grateful for all the letters, gifts and good wishes they have been fortunate to receive in the year since Princess Charlotte was born.”

“The couple have taken a number of gifts into their home, some gifts are stored within the Royal Household, and some gifts were donated to organisations which could make good use of them,” she added.

Apester Lazyload