Piers Morgan forced to have his make up done live on air as he battles illness

Popular breakfast television show Good Morning Britain had an unusual interruption this morning, as host Piers Morgan was forced to have his make up done during the programme.

The controversial broadcaster explained that due to a wardrobe malfunction, he did not have the time to sit in his usual make up chair before the show had started.

As a result, the programme’s make up artist was rushed onto set during the show’s broadcast, to ensure Piers was looking as fresh as ever.

But it seems it wasn’t an easy job, as Piers confessed he was feeling unwell. He shared with viewers that he was suffering from a bad winter cold and claimed to be “sweating like a pig”.

He admitted, “I’ve got a stinking cold. I [then] got to the make-up room and they suddenly said we had one and a half minutes to air, so I’m not appearing how I really look.

“I’m as clammy and sweaty and disgusting and unprotected by make-up, this is how I really look and it’s pretty awful so I can only apologise.”

After he was advised by his co-host, Charlotte Hawkins, to stay at home for a full recovery, the presenter replied in true Piers-fashion, “I power on, I don’t throw a sickie. I only feel obliged because the viewers want to see me. When they all charge to their remotes to see me, why would I not be here, even if I’m dying?”

Viewers took the chance to mock Piers on social media with some cheeky remarks, ‘To be fair, there’s not enough time or makeup in the world…’

While others shared their love for the show, saying, ‘The only early morning programme to watch. Always informative and entertaining at the same time.’

Despite the early morning, on-air rush, it was a good day for Piers and the GMB team, as it was announced that the show had come third on a list – released by TV Licensing – of most tweeted about programmes. Love Island series 4 and Question Time took first and second place.

And Piers appeared to relish in the fact that GMB’s early morning show competitor – BBC Breakfast – failed to make the list.

He may have been under the weather, but Piers was still up to his old tricks and managed to have a gibe at BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker asking, “I don’t know if my old friend Dan…Dan are you watching? You might as well because everybody else is.”

Piers also took to social media for further gloating.

Other shows making the most tweeted about list include Doctor Who, Eurovision Song Contest and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

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