GBBO’s Paul Hollywood And Mary Berry: How Well Do They Really Know Each Other?

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  • They’re feared and respected as the exacting judging duo on Bake Off, but what do Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood really think of each other – and do they know what the other would order in the pub?

    Paul and Mary have been television fixtures in our living rooms since the programme first aired in 2010, but that doesn’t mean they agree on everything! In our exclusive September issue cover interview, Mary told us: “Paul is impatient”, to which he responded, “It’s true. But Mary is too slow; she needs to speed up. She’s too patient!”

    Reflecting on the last few years on the show, the pair do agree on
    one thing however – how much it’s changed both of their lives. Mary said,
    “I’m immensely busy now. I’ve always chosen what I want to do but now
    my first priority is my family, and my second priority is Bake Off“. Paul similarly agreed that the show – and the fame that follows it – has
    taken over his life too: “Bake Off has opened a lot of doors for me but
    it’s closed a few too. I miss privacy and I miss anonymity. But if I
    wear a beanie hat and glasses I’m not recognised.”

    So what is the secret to their successful partnership? “We have always had a great respect for each other and our strength is the fact that each of us have a specialised subject”, Mary told us. Paul agreed: “We have different strengths but when we come together we are a potent force.” Whatever it is, it certainly works for us! 

    Find out how well the pair really know each other below…


    Mary on Paul…

    Lark or night owl? He’s up early and up all night too.
    Tidy or messy? A mix. I’ve seen him messy but in the bakery he is meticulously tidy!
    Sweet or savoury? Savoury.
    Michelin food or local caff? He is expert in bacon butties.
    Champagne or beer? I’ve never seen him drink beer and he’s quite fussy about the kind of champagne he drinks. He probably prefers a G&T and a red wine.
    Chips or mash? Chips
    Cake or biscuits? Biscuits – he’s a dunker!
    Signature dish? Steak. He knows his meat.

    Paul’s verdict? “100% correct!”

    Paul on Mary…

    Lark or night owl? Lark.
    Tidy or messy? Tidy.
    Sweet or savoury? Savoury.
    Michelin food or local caff? Michelin food.
    Champagne or beer? She’d prefer a glass of cold Sauvignon blanc, very cold – and large!
    Chips or mash? Mash.
    Cake or biscuits? Cake.
    Signature dish? It’s got to be the lemon drizzle!

    Mary’s verdict? “All spot on!”

    Want to know what else our cover stars Paul and Mary said about each other? Pick up the September issue of woman&home, on sale Thursday 4th August.

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