Oti Mabuse reveals abuse she's 'very exposed' to while competing on Strictly Come Dancing

Professional dancer Oti Mabuse reveals abuse and misogyny that she was exposed to while working on Strictly Come Dancing

Oti Mabuse reveals abuse
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Oti Mabuse reveals the abuse and misogyny that she was exposed to while she participated in Strictly Come Dancing as opens up in a new interview and embarks on a new project.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Oti Mabuse spoke with presenters Naga Muchetty and Charlie Stayt about the abuse she experienced while participating as one of the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 couples

In the interview, the dancer revealed that her time as a professional dancer on the show left her exposed to misogyny and racial abuse from the public. She was asked by the presenter how she planned to address this abuse when trying to inspire children from schools across the UK to follow their dreams.

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"You're on Strictly, whenever you dance you're brilliant, and you know I think that," said Naga. "There are still people who will criticize you. You have been fat-shamed, your body has been criticized."

"You've had racial abuse, misogyny. These children you're going to be talking to will be aware of that."

"What are you going to say to them, in terms of one, how you first felt when it happened because it's always a shock the first time it happens and you see it continue to happen, and how you deal with it?"

Oti replied, "It is a shock, especially because you know it, whatever you're feeling, however, you're feeling, deep down, you know it. And when other people kind of mention it, you feel very exposed"

The professional dancer continued to reveal that although she has been subjected to this torment because of her place in the public eye, she is lucky to be surrounded by good people who support her.

"It's not the best feeling in the world and I'm really lucky that I have great people around me that support me and constantly encourage me and fill me with positive thoughts," said Oti.

Oti Mabuse

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"First about myself, about the work that I'm doing and I am working, so I get tired. The little voice inside that's quite negative sometimes gets loud and you start to believe those things about yourself as well."

She concluded with a positive note and explained that despite the abuse, she believes she can help the younger generation to achieve their goals and tune out the negative comments in the same way she has.

"Today, hopefully, I'll be able to tell those kids to just not listen, surround yourself with positive people, and stay focused on what you want to achieve," said Oti.

"And also, be kind, really. I think that's the message that we still need to continue telling people about, is just reminding ourselves and each other to be kind - to ourselves and each other."

Earlier this year, Oti Mabuse made a huge move and replaced judge, John Barrowman, on the hit ITV show Dancing on Ice 2022. It is now rumored that she has swapped the ice rink for the ballroom floor permanently.

Oti Mabuse

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Although she was one of the Strictly Come Dancing Judges' favorites in 2021 and won the show in 2020 with partner Bill Bailey, it has been reported that Oti Mabuse is 'unlikely' to return to Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is not set to return until later this year, so only time will tell. In the meantime, Oti will continue to be on your screens on Dancing on Ice, every Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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