Downton Abbey Fans Furious Over Show’s ‘Big Announcement’

Ever since Downton Abbey finished, any news about the show has triggered huge waves of excitement. So last week when the show teased some big news, many thought that it was the long-awaited, much-talked about Downton Abbey film.

In fact the news isn’t quite as exciting. Downton Abbey will be returning, but to the US and in exhibition form – something many fans already knew.

On Tuesday evening the official Downton Abbey Twitter page excitedly told fans, ‘The Crawleys are coming to the States and you are invited as their special guest! First stop New York City!’However many fans were far from impressed and were quick to share their disappointment.

One wrote, ‘WHY did you have to spend a week building up to this?! We KNOW the exhibition exists it’s not a special announcement!!!’

Another angry fan said: ‘I can’t believe the Downton announcement was just about the stupid exhibition UGH’.

A third simply said: ‘So that was the Downton Abbey announcement??? Really? That wasn’t even something new…’

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition starts in New York on 18 November and will stay in the Big Apple until at least 31 January.

Tickets start from $15 (just over £11) and can be bought here.

It will include real-life costumes from the set as well as replica pieces from the set and staging.

Cast members from the show promoted the exhibition with Sophie McShera (kitchen maid Daisy) stating, ‘Everything’s the same dimensions, it’s all the same.’


Sophie added, ‘I really feel like if you watch the show, to come to these sets is exciting, because it’s exactly the same as what you’ve seen on TV.’

Also on hand to try and win us over was Laura Carmichael (Edith), she said, ‘The attention to detail is fantastic. One of the real joys of the job is the costumes and it’s really special to see this in this setting.’