New Jo Cox Documentary: The Real Story Behind The Extraordinary Woman’s Death

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  • We all remember the devastating day news broke that MP Jo Cox – mother of two and husband to Brendan – was murdered entering a talk in Yorkshire, on 16th June 2016.

    The terrifying event left the country in shock.

    The BBC have just announced that they will examine Jo’s horrific murder in a new documentary, which will take a look at the attack itself and the events surrounding it through the eyes of those closest to it.

    The programme will also feature “intimate interviews” with her family, most likely including her husband Brendan Cox who, since her death, has campaigned fiercely for a kinder society.

    Jo Cox: Death of an MP
    , as it has been named, will feature testimony from Jo’s family, eyewitnesses to the crime, and even people who knew her murderer, Thomas Mair. The documentary also has “unique access to West Yorkshire Police’s murder investigation”, including documents from the police and – for the first time – a gathering of CCTV and evidence put together by the investigating officers at the time.

    Speaking at the launch of BBC2’s summer programme, the BBC said, “We ask what led a man with no history of violence to brutally murder a female MP whom he had never met?”

    “Jo Cox’s political convictions and the issues she fought so passionately for were at odds with Mair’s viewpoint, which some think motivated him to murder. Who Jo Cox was and what she stood for is explored in the film through archive footage and intimate interviews with family and friends.”

    BBC2 controller Patrick Holland also told the Radio Times, “The point of the film is to try and understand the family’s tragedy set against a story of national importance. It was a very high profile murder. That combination of the personal and the political is a really fascinating thing to explore.”

    (Brendan Cox)

    It’s been just under a year since Jo was killed, and her husband Brendan has recently announced that he’s decided to mark the anniversary with a truly special event. He’s scheduled ‘The Great Get Together’, on the weekend of 16-18th June, which will encompass a series of events such as street parties, barbecues and afternoon teas.

    In a piece for The Guardian, he said, “The idea is simple: to show the truth behind what Jo said in her maiden speech in parliament, that ‘we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us’.

    “The Great Get Together will now take place just a week after the general election. And I’m convinced that after polling day a collective moment of coming together will be more relevant than ever.”

    It sounds like a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman.

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