Nadia Sawalha reveals why she’s ditching waxing for the month

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  • Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha isn't one to shy away from opening up about sensitive topics.

    In the past, she’s spoken in depth about her experience with the menopause, sex, and health issues.

    And now, the mum-of-two has revealed all about her upcoming plans to stop waxing one part of her body – for a very special reason.

    She confessed on the show that she will be taking part in Movember – an annual charity project throughout the month of November, which usually sees men ditch the razor in order to raise money for prostate cancer.

    Nadia admitted that she’s been inspired by her husband, who is not planning on shaving his moustache for four weeks – to do the same with her own moustache.

    She told her fellow panellists, “Rather selfishly, Mark’s doing it [Movember] and it’s really annoying because I hate moustaches! I know that’s not very generous of me.

    “But he’s doing it and good on him, but I’ve decided to match him, and I’m also going to do it. I’m going to grow my moustache.”

    Nadia’s revelation was met by cheers and applause from the Loose Women audience, who were clearly delighted by her commitment to such an important cause.

    She went on, explaining that she’s not sure how much her moustache will grow over the next 30 days. Nadia confessed, “I usually pluck it or wax it. When I was younger it was really verdent, it was really lush. I had a passionate moustache!”

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    However, Nadia’s co-star didn’t seem too pleased with her rather graphic description, with Andrea McLean grimacing, saying, “You say that like it’s a good thing!”

    But Nadia went on, “But it’s kind of moved more to under my chin now, so we’ll just see what we get.”

    “I really hope Mark is watching this and knows I’m going to match his moustache.”

    Across the world, 5.6 million men are living with Prostate Cancer, according to Movember UK. To donate to the cause or find out more about Movember, you can visit their website here.

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