‘I’m So Fed Up Of Letting You Down’: Nadia Pulls Out Of ‘Vlogmas’ Due To Health Problems

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  • Nadia Sawalha has had to put a halt on her Christmas vlogging this year after being taken to hospital with a severe skin condition. 

    Over the last week, the Loose Women panelist has been suffering with what she thought were ‘allergic reactions’ to make-up on the Loose Women set, but has now been told the red marks on her face may be caused by stress.

    Sadly, Nadia has had to pull out of ‘Vlogmas’, the annual Christmas celebration among YouTubers, on the channel she shares with her Loose Women co-star, Kaye Adams.

    Nadia, 53, revealed the news in an Instagram video posted on Sunday night.


    “Hi guys, look at my face now,” she said. “It’s got even worse, and in the last half hour my lips have blown up, so I rang 111 and they said I need to come to the hospital because it’s definitely getting worse.

    “I’ve taken anti-histamines for 9 days and it hasn’t cleared up, so God knows what it is. But consequently, this means we can’t do Vlogmas, and that’s making me very cross because I like to never miss a day of Vlogmas.”

    She added that the deterioration of her condition might be down to stress.

    “We’ve had a very stressful couple of weeks, so a lot of people have been saying to me it might not be an allergy, it might be stress.

    “I know there’s lots of you out there that are very stressed too, so let’s join in across the Internet airwaves and give each other a hug and say, ‘we love Christmas, but my God it can be taxing!’. Love you all”

    Nadia previously posted videos and pictures of what she thought were allergies, saying, ‘Poor Kit has her work cut out, my allergies are even worse today and I have to be on LIVE television at 12.30 for @loosewomen’.



    Fans have been supportive on social media, sending ‘get better soon’ messages to the TV star. “Feel for you Nadia have just gone through the same thing not nice at all,” wrote one.

    Many more wished Nadia a speedy recovery over Christmas.

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