Nadia Sawalha forced to pull out of Loose Women over health issues

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  • The 54-year-old has never been shy about sharing her health issues with fans, and in a new Instagram video, Nadia revealed she would be missing from the show due to illness.

    ‘Are you feeling rotten too? Couldn’t even go into @loosewomen today!’ she wrote alongside the candid video in which she explained why she wouldn’t be featuring on Thursday’s show.

    Speaking to her 53.3k followers, the panellist revealed, “I was supposed to be on [Loose Women] today, but like so many of you I have a stinking bloody cold.

    She added, “It’s really really annoying me and I’m really missing the girls at work.”

    Nadia’s fans were quick to express their sympathies and favourite remedies on social media.

    “Ah bless you Nads. Hope you get better soon. Lots of love. And lemsip,” wrote one concerned fan.

    Another added, “You poor thing!! Plenty of rest and warm drinks and hopefully you’ll feel better very soon!!”

    Several more shared their tried-and-tested methods for beating a bug, including vapour rub on the soles of feet and thick socks, plus a glass of whisky!

    Nadia Sawalha

    Despite her wretched cold, Nadia appeared to be in high enough spirits to share some of her remedies with fans, including a hot bath with Epsom salts, Lemon Lemsips and hot water with freshly squeezed lemon, manuka honey, ginger and turmeric.

    Nadia also gave a killer recipe for cold-busting chicken soup, which she says is a natural anti-biotic.

    Given that she’d already opened up about her cold a few days ago, we predict that Nadia will be over the worst of it and back to her best in no time.

    Although she said she’s feeling rotten now, she hopes her health will improve so she can return to Loose Women.

    “I know at this time it seems like an impossible dream, but it will happen.”

    Thanks for the tips, Nadia. Get well soon!

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