Nadia Sawalha shares her anger over very relatable relationship issue with husband Mark: 'Infuriating!'

Nadia Sawalha

Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderley regularly prove that they're just like every other couple, sharing their normal, family life over on their YouTube channel and Instagram account.

And yesterday, the pair - who have been married for 17 years - shared a video of themselves arguing over a very relatable relationship problem.

Clearly furious, the Loose Women star shared a video of herself and her husband Mark having some heated words, as he began to moan about having to clean the shower drain of hair every five weeks.

He joked, "Every five weeks, I get down on bended knee, in that shower, and I put my hand down that slimy hole to pluck all of your hairs out of that shower, and no one else does it."

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But next to him, Nadia was finding his words anything but funny, getting visibly angry as she argued that she actually normally does all of the chores around the house.

Pointing a spoon at her husband, she fumed, "17 years I've been doing it! If you dare, just because you've been doing it for the last two months. Have you done it for 17 years? No."

In the caption of the video, she went on to share her anger over Mark's moaning, explaining that it's "infuriating" that he wants "buckets of praise" for doing the job once.

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Nadia wrote, 'Oh my god how infuriating is it when your partner wants buckets of praise because they’ve done a job ONCE that’s you’ve done hundreds of times !!

'Mark has NEVER EVER cleaned the bathroom , washed the floor , picked up a wet towel , changed a toilet roll . And I never say anything but THIS is too much !!

'This is a clip from our vlog on you tube and so many people commented that I want to hear what you guys have to say on the matter too !! Does your partner want praise for any little thing ?! Is there a chore they’ve never ever done that drives you mad 😡?? #chores #housework #householdchores #cleaning #husband #husbandandwife #arguments #argument #bickering #livingtogether #familyfight #movingin #familyfeud #frustration'.

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It seems that many of Nadia's followers could relate to the video, admitting that they too experience the same anger at their partners.

One wrote, 'This was so funny to me when I saw it. Exactly my thoughts Nadia! #awardwanted #NOT', while another said, 'Oh Nadia how I can relate to this so much 😂😂'.

And a third fan went on to say, 'This is so typical and so bloody annoying we are taken for granted so much and when they do something they want a bloody medal'.

So, can you relate?

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