Louise Minchin’s daughter left ‘terrified’ and ‘shaking’ after stalker ordeal

Mia Minchin has opened up about the trauma of being stalked in a new documentary

Louise Minchin’s daughter left ‘terrified’ by stalker ordeal
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Louise Minchin's daughter, Mia, has publicly addressed her stalking ordeal for the first time in an upcoming documentary. 

The eldest child of the former BBC Breakfast presenter has shared her stalker experience for the first time, revealing the abuse left her ‘terrified’ and 'shaking'. 

Speaking on tonight's ITV documentary, Louise Minchin: The Truth About Stalking, 20-year-old Mia details the distressing memory of receiving ‘graphic’ and ‘offensive’ threats from Louise Minchin’s stalker, Carl Davies. 

The emotional interview comes less than three months after the 44-year-old ex-soldier was jailed for posting ‘intimidating’ messages on the I'm a Celebrity 2021 star's Instagram in July 2020. Davies also published Louise's home address and personal car details in the abusive comments. 

“They were all kind of just really offensive, calling us not very nice names and then they got much more graphic,” Mia said. “It was the kind of actions that he wanted to do against me and mum which got really personal and they weren’t nice to read at all.” 

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The university student suffered both physical and psychological effects after the experience, revealing, "I was kind of terrified... shaking. I think my heart was beating really fast. I didn't sleep all night. The entirety of the next day I was in floods of tears." 

Mia is now constantly fearful when she's out in public alone, going so far as to adjust her behavior to try to alleviate the anxiety. 

"When I'm walking, I'm very conscious of who is behind me, especially not to have my headphones in if it's dark and there's no one else around," she said. 

Louise has also been deeply disturbed by Davies' actions, describing the experience as 'blood chilling' in the Telegraph earlier this year. 

She again shared how the stalking impacted her mental health on ITV's current affairs show, Tonight. 

"To say I was frightened just doesn't really touch the surface," she explained. "You are kind of on this high state of alert all the time. You don't know who they are so you don't know that that person standing next to you isn't them."

Louise Minchin: The Truth About Stalking airs on ITV on Thursday, 10 March at 8:30pm.    

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