Lorraine Kelly admits she regrets not calling out 'inappropriate' comment on GMB during race discussion

"I didn’t do anything about it and I should have"

Lorraine Kelly admitted she regrets not coming forward against an 'inappropriate' comment made live on Good Morning Britain.

During a discussion with influencer and author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother, Candice Brathwaite, live on the ITV chat show, the Scottish presenter explained that she had noticed an "inappropriate" comment being made on the programme last week but failed to mention it.

Recognising her own mistake when discussing the topic of white people speaking out when they encounter racism, Lorraine said to Candice, "Someone last week made an inappropriate comment and I realised it was inappropriate at the time. I didn’t do anything about it and I should have. So I will."

Explaining how Candice's book, which just gained a spot on the Sunday Times Best Seller list, allowed her to understand her own ability to help in the fight against racism, Lorraine added, "It helped me personally to think sometimes you shouldn’t just be polite, sometimes you have to say – in the nicest possible way. You don't have to be confrontational. But we can all learn."

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During the conversation, had in light of the Black Lives Matter movement happening across the globe, the pair also addressed the sad moment Candice's six-year-old little girl Esmé was rejected in the school playground by a white child for the colour of her skin, Lorraine said, "When your daughter was four, a white child wouldn't play with her because she is Black. For no other reason."

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Wondering how Candice addressed the topic of racism with her young child at the time, Lorraine asked, "How on earth do you have that conversation with your little girl? I don't know how you did that."

Explaining that speaking about racism and the prejudice Black people face is a sad but true part of motherhood as a Black woman, Candice said, "There's been so much conversation now with white parents saying 'I don't know how to attack this conversation on race with my white child'.

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"Unfortunately my Esmé, who is now six, didn't have a choice. Black mothers and parents don't get a choice of when we approach that conversation with our children, because we know sooner rather than later someone is going to ostracise them just for being Black.

"For her to have sat with that feeling of otherness the entire day makes me emotional and it reminds me that there's so much work to be done."

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