The Heartbreaking Reason Lady Victoria Hervey Has Decided To Freeze Her Eggs At 41

Socialite and model Lady Victoria Hervey has spoken candidly about a recent decision to freeze her eggs, shortly after turning 41.

The royal aristocrat openly discussed her tough decision to undergo the procedure, confessing her realisation there is a void in her life. Speaking live on Lorraine, she said, "It will, I hope, fill what has become rather a hole in my life."

But while Lady Victoria did discuss her desire to find 'the one', the 41-year-old also revealed that she's willing to take matters into her own hands further, and enlist the help of a close male friend.

"Right now I have a friend who is willing to be the father. I am really considering that I am going to do that," she told Lorraine.

Lady Victoria shared that the decision was a difficult one - largely down to how gruelling the procedure has been."It was tough, it was emotional, I cried a lot. Not just the injections that you had to do daily, but you are put on the pills. You just feel like it is an emotional rollercoaster."

Victoria then went on to candidly discuss the reason behind her choice. "The problem is that is what I was always thinking, that I will meet someone. But I still haven't.

"That is when I decided I'm going to freeze my eggs and just do it now, it was hitting the 40-mark. I wish I had done it sooner to be honest."

In an open and honest column with the MailOnline, Victoria also confessed that she'd only recently realised how desperate she is for a family.

"Like many women, I’ve realised – nearly too late – that I am desperate to have a child. In fact, I want two. Which is why I’m hoping science might be able to stop the clock until I can find the right man to be a father to my babies."

The former model also revealed the huge costs of undergoing such a procedure.

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"For the eye-watering price of £11,000, and at the age of 41, I have become one of thousands of women across the UK and America who are determined to prolong their chances of motherhood."


Egg freezing allows your eggs to be frozen for implantation at a later date. However, the procedure can be risky, as frozen eggs don't always lead to an embryo.

Fertility expert Dr Sarah Jarvis admitted on Lorraine that the later you freeze your eggs, the harder it can be to successfully carry a child.

"Unfortunately the chances if you have egg freezing are better later on if you have your eggs frozen before you are 34.

"That's largely to do with the quality of the eggs. It's not to do with how old you are when you carry your baby, it's to do with how old you are when you produced the eggs."

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