Kiefer Sutherland interview

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  • You had a difficult relationship with your father, Donald Sutherland, when you were younger. How did you work things out? I grew up and stopped being a stubborn pain in the neck! One of the grand redeeming moments of my life was when I made peace with him, and now we’re great friends. We laugh about the stuff that has passed between us.

    My loves Guitars. I love collecting guitars, even though I can’t play well. My favourite guitarists are Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Paige, and John Mayer.

    Tidiness. I am a bit obsessive about tidiness. I need to make my bed in the morning and leave it perfectly made up.

    Horror films. I’m always jumping in my seat or gasping during a good horror movie.

    Sunsets. I feel extraordinarily peaceful when I’m watching the sun set.

    My hates Mirrors. I’ve always had this strange anxiety about mirrors. I have only one mirror in my house, in the bathroom.

    Enclosed spaces.
    I was buried alive in a coffin for a scene in The Vanishing, and I panicked when I heard screws being drilled into the wood.

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