Loose Women star Kaye Adams would consider leaving Ian if he did this

Kaye Adams

There’s a reason so many of us love Loose Women: our favourite panellists aren’t afraid to say exactly what they think while on the air.

Kaye Adams was no exception when she appeared on the ITV show, making a very bold statement about her relationship with husband Ian, who she’s been married to since 1995.

While discussing pet owners, Adams admitted that she loved her dog Bea so much that she would consider leaving him if he ever lost her whilst out and about.

According to Hello, fellow panellist Nadia Sawalha asked her, "What would happen if Ian took Bea out for a walk and lost her?" to which Kaye responded: "I am not exaggerating; I think it would be the end of our relationship." Strong words!

For Kaye, Bea is like a third child, and she frequently shares photos and videos of the adorable pup on her Instagram. Recently, she shared this hilarious snap making a joke about driverless cares with cockapoo Bea at the wheel.

The caption read, I think Bea got the wrong idea when she heard about #driverlesscars... and no she's not hitting the horn because she's got road rage, she's just spotted a squirrel 🐿🐾🐕'

For any dog lover, the thought of losing them is a terrible one, so we can definitely see where Kaye is coming from with her comments about Ian. She even worries that he can be ‘too relaxed’ when it comes to Bea.

Citing one incident where Ian had let her wander off, she said, "He does take her in the morning to his place of work, and he's just not careful enough with her. He lets her wonder down this little lane and says 'that's alright, she will come back,' and I looked at him and this sense of hatred in my heart was absolutely overpowering, and then I did think, 'am I letting this get a bit out of control?' but then I thought, 'no I am being perfectly rational.'"

On the flip side, fellow panellist Jane Moore admitted she didn’t love her pet dog, and seems to take a much stricter approach to being a pet owner.

For Jane, she doesn’t let her dog upstairs or on furniture, whereas Kaye is very much okay with that. For many, pets are part of the family and therefore able to enjoy many of the comforts that their human counterparts do.

What kind of pet owner are you?

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