Catherine Discusses One Of Her First Loves In Forthcoming And Lively Interview

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  • If there’s one thing the Duchess of Cambridge has been very open and honest about, it’s her love of tennis, and specifically, the world-famous tournament Wimbledon, of which she is now a Patron.

    But it seems the Duchess’ love of the sport spans back much further than her introduction into the royal family, as she’s revealed in a surprisingly lively interview.

    Speaking on a new BBC1 documentary Sue Barker: Our Wimbledon, the 35-year-old admitted how far-reaching her love of the game is, explaining, “I have watched Wimbledon, that was very much part of my growing up. It’s hugely special.”

    “I was really taken by Agassi and Sampras, Ivanisevic and Steffi Graf. Those are my first memories.”

    Chatting about her recent appointment as patron, the Duchess also said, “Being able to go into Wimbledon and be part of an amazing atmosphere is special.”

    And it appears that she’s very much followed in the footsteps of her mother, Carole Middleton in her love of tennis. The Duchess even revealed that one of the sport’s star players in particular has caught her mother’s attention.

    Catherine revealed, “Roger [Federer] is my mother’s heartthrob. I don’t think she will mind me saying that! I think he probably knows that too.”

    The world number 2 famously attended the wedding of Carole’s daughter Pippa – so perhaps she got the chance to chat to her favourite then!

    The Duchess didn’t hold back from embarrassing her parents in the interview, as she went on to talk about her Dad Michael’s particularly awkward moment in front of a former Wimbledon champion.

    She revealed, “My father is not going to appreciate this but we were walking past Tim Henman and had just seen Sampras play.

    “My dad said ‘Hi Pete’. I was mortified.”

    The Duchess is still an ardent fan of the game and attends the London-based tournament almost every year. But she did speak about the one year she was actually banned from going, on advice from her doctor.

    In 2013, she was heavily pregnant with Prince George at the time Wimbledon was on. When she asked her doctor if she could still attend the famous showdown event between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, she said, “The doctor said definitely not”.

    “I was very heavily pregnant. I wrote to him [Murray] afterwards saying sorry for not being there.”

    In the end, the Duchess gave birth to the future heir to the throne on 22nd July, 2 weeks after Andy won the final against Djokovic on 7th July.

    Catherine even admitted that watching the sport makes her wish she taken it on in a more serious capacity herself. She said, “It inspires young people including myself. Every time Wimbledon is on I am thinking ‘Yes, I could do the same’ and get out the racket. Sadly, not the same results.”

    Don’t worry Catherine – you’ve got lots of other things going for you!

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