Kate Garraway Finally Responds To Jeremy Kyle Affair Rumours

kate garraway jeremy kyle
kate garraway jeremy kyle
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For weeks now, married Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has been facing rumours that she and her temporary co-host Jeremy Kyle are having an affair.

Currently covering for Piers Morgan, Jeremy has been causing quite a stir in the few weeks that he's been presenting alongside Kate. The pair are regularly seen putting on playful displays, and clearly get along like a house on fire.Their obvious on-screen chemistry has resulted in the whisperings of a romantic affair between the two colleagues in the press and among theGMBfans.

But now, Kate herself has finally responded to the rumours, saying that she even had to assure her husband Derek Draper that she wasn't having an affair with the Jeremy Kyle Show host.Talking about her husband's birthday party over the weekend, Kate began describing what a 'disaster' the party was.

She confessed to her other co-host, Charlotte Hawkins, "It didn't go well, I couldn't think of what to get him."

And she revealed that things only got worse from there, as allegations of the affair surfaced following an accidental 'almost-kiss' between Jeremy and Kate on an episode of GMB last week.

50-year-old Kate confessed, "He did kick off a bit because that was combined with me and Jeremy nearly kissing by accident on air. The Sun was saying that we were having an affair."

Fellow Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins, who has just been confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing, appeared shocked by the revelations following a week off, saying, "What has been going on in my absence?!"

Kate then jokingly confessed, "I know, it's all kicked off. It's taking me five days to calm down things at home."

But while Kate's tone was light-hearted, she revealed that her on-screen antics have lead her husband to genuinely question her loyalty.

She told her co-hosts, "[Derek] was like 'Are you actually having an affair?' He was!"

Jeremy, who is recently divorced, dismissed the concern saying, "Come on, it's only a job!"

Kate then joked, "'Could be a double bluff?", before confirming that actually the rumours are just that, rumours - confessing, "I'm only joking, I adore Derek, you know that".

It's not the first time Kate's discussed her relationship on air, speaking recently on Loose Women about the tense arguments she and her husband of 12 years often have. The panellists were discussing how often they'd stoop to a so-called 'low blows' in an argument, which is essentially saying something to your partner that you know is going to really hurt them.

And while the rest of the Loose Women ladies admitted they don't often resort to low blows, Kate revealed that it's often where she and her husband start their argument.

She confessed, "I define low blow. I start from a low blow and go every lower. I go straight down to the absolute depths."

"My husband starts angry and goes for it. And in a weird way, I sort of quite like it, because I feel like nothing is left unsaid. And I feel confident that we can withstand that.

"Now everyone is thinking, 'What a cow!'"

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