You Can Now Spend The Night At John Lewis Stores And Get The ‘Perfect’ Night’s Sleep…

Thanks to retro TV movie ‘The Greatest Store in the World’, the prospect of a sleepover in one of the UK’s biggest and best known department stores was the stuff that many childhood dreams were made of.

What could be more exciting than having the run of the place in a grand department store, after the doors had been closed to the general public and the lights switched off?

Well, while they won’t be giving you free reign to roam the different departments after hours, John Lewis are going to be inviting their customers to stay over in their stores as part of a brand new retail initiative.

Paula Nickolds, the new managing director of John Lewis, plans to open brand new, fully-furnished ‘apartments’ at major John Lewis stores across the UK that will host guests to stay over night. Why you might ask?

The idea behind the new initiative is to give John Lewis customers the unique opportunity to try out the store’s mattresses properly before purchasing them.

So, instead of buying your mattress, taking it home to try, and then having to organise for it to be taken back if you’re not satisfied with the product, John Lewis is taking the hassle out of the process by truly letting you ‘try before you buy’.

Paula Nickolds explains: “We are not just selling you a mattress; we are selling you a perfect night’s sleep.”

The apartments at the specially selected John Lewis stores will be known as ‘The Residence’. They are due to launch in London’s Oxford Street, as well as Liverpool and Cambridge this autumn.