Jane Fonda shocks Cannes audience with unfiltered interview, dissing Robert Redford and revealing what she thinks of her latest movies

Jane Fonda absolutely did not hold back in the candid interview

Jane Fonda gave a refreshingly candid interview
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Jane Fonda is a legend – undisputedly.

From an iconic career in showbusiness, belonging to an actual Hollywood dynasty, and a lifetime of activism which has seen her fight back against everything from racism to climate change, there are very few people who have lived such a full life.

So, it’s fair to say that the 9 to 5 star has earnt the right to be a bit outspoken.

Jane Fonda took to the Cannes Film Festival stage for an in-depth chat about her life and career

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That still didn’t prepare us for just how unapologetic and candid the Oscar winner was when she sat down for a special audience talk at the Cannes Film Festival.

Taking to the stage in a chic gray suit for a 90-minute conversation, the Grace and Frankie actress was captivatingly open to any and all questions, answering everything pinged her way from the moderator and audience: ranging from her looks and plastic surgery to how she felt about some of her most famous colleagues in the past.

Starting with that last point, one of the more headline-worthy moments came when she suggested that Robert Redford has “an issue with women.”

The startling comment came after what appeared to be praise for her repeat co-star.

Jane Fonda suggested Robert Redford had a "problem with women"

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As Jane explained, “Well, I was in love with him. I made four films with him (1966’s The Chase, the 1967 screen adaption of Barefoot in the Park, 1979’s The Electric Horseman, and 2017’s Our Souls at Night), and for three, I was in love with him. Which meant I had a really good time.”

But when discussing their last film together, where Jane quipped, “What was I, about 80 years old, or something like that?”, she said, “I knew I was finally grown up, because when he’d come on to the set three hours late in a bad mood, I knew it wasn’t my fault. We always had a good time. He’s a very good person… He just has an issue with women.”

Moving on to her looks, she was equally as unguarded.

When asked how she maintains her age-defying looks, she responded frankly, “Years and years ago, I had plastic surgery. I’m not proud of that.”

Jane Fonda credits her looks at 86 to plenty of sleep and curiosity

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“Besides that, I have a very good makeup person, and I sleep. Do you know how many hours I slept last night? 13. I eat healthy. I work out. I walk a lot. And I’m curious. And the most important part of that is curiosity.”

Keeping to her appearance, she also explained what made her cut off her previously long blond locks.

“I always had all of this blonde hair, especially when I was with [ex-husband Roger] Vadim,” she said. “It made me feel safe and feminine. When I was starting to become political, I decided I needed to get rid of it all. I went to Vadim’s barber for men, and he cut it all off. I felt so liberated.”

And as to whether we can see more movies from her anytime soon – or a third film in the Book Club saga? Not so much…

Jane Fonda implied that she wouldn't be back for a Book Club threequel

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Describing her latest movies, she explained “I normally would not have wanted to make two movies in one year that have four old women in each of them: 80 for Brady, though I finally got to work with Sally [Field], who’s my heroine. And in Italy, we made Book Club again. But I don’t want to do that anymore.”

She continued, “I don’t know what’s coming next, except that I don’t want to do any more movies that don’t challenge me as an actor. I want to be challenged. And I want to play something really complicated.”

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