Jamie Oliver reveals the romantic gesture he made for wife Jools on their 18th wedding anniversary

Even after 18 years with wife Jools, Jamie Oliver proved he's still an old romantic at heart, by making a huge gesture for their 18th wedding anniversary.

Not content with simply a card, flowers of a box of chocolates, Jamie revealed that one of the couple’s joint passions actually sparked an idea for a present.

He revealed that he and Jools share a love of Hi-top trainers – and so, as anyone would, he decided to make her some of his own!

The TV chef confessed, “Jools and I were about to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary and I had no idea what to give her. We share an obsession for old school, vintage Hi tops and I thought how cool it would be to design a bespoke pair for her!

“I reached out to SEVEN FEET APART – a local company who make trainers I already wear and love. After many discussions, sketches, mood boards and mentoring, the JO-18 was ready.”

Jamie oliver

Jamie went on to reveal, “I absolutely loved the whole process and decided to share the love a little wider and make a few more. It was so much fun and I hope people love them as much as I do.” What a sweet gesture!

Jamie has launched two versions of the unisex trainer, in a Low-top design, and, of course, the Hi-top design. While the trainers are primarily white, and therefore will go with anything – one has some lovely yellow detailing, while the other trainer includes blue detail.

The trainers are an investment piece, with the Hi-tops on sale for £189, and the Low-tops available for £169. But, as Jamie himself said, the designs are classic, vintage items, meaning they’ll work in your wardrobe for years to come.

Jamie oliver

Pair them with jeans and a top for a casual, relaxed look – or, wear them with a dress for a stylish edge to your outfit. Plus, we guarantee, they’ll be infinitely comfier than any pair of heels.

Jamie oliver

Matthew Bagwell, Co-founder of SEVEN FEET APART and Jamie’s close friend, admitted that it was ‘great’ to be a part of Jamie’s romantic present for his wife.

He said, “It’s great to help out a mate with such a romantic gesture. Jamie was heavily involved in every decision we made, the style, the material, the colours, the box…

“It was a lot of fun ‘cooking’ these up together and we’re glad Jools loves them.”

If you fancy picking up a pair of the trainers Jamie and Jools love, you can browse the JO-18 collection on the Seven Feet Apart website here.

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