James Martin reveals learning difficulty – and the inspiring way he’s dealt with it

James Martin is without doubt one of the UK's most successful TV chefs - and now, he's opened up, in a rare interview about a condition he's lived with since he was a child.

In a new interview with The Sun, the popular cook discussed the fact that he has dyslexia – something he rarely talks about.

The 46-year-old revealed that the learning difficulty stops him from reading, but that he hasn’t allowed it to hinder his career as a chef.

James confessed, “I don’t read, because I’m dyslexic. I’ve just got glasses for the first time because my eyesight is deteriorating – even my iPad’s got bigger!

He went on, revealing the clever solution he uses to write his cook books, in spite of his dyslexia.

“Dyslexia hasn’t hindered me when it comes to recipes, though, as they’re a learning process. And I use a dictaphone to write cook books”, James revealed.

And it’s certainly worked – James has penned over 15 cookbooks during his career, all of which have gone down a storm with fans.

Previously, James Martin revealed that his dyslexia even spurred him on in his determination to succeed in life.

He revealed to the Daily Mail that he struggled at school, so continued to feel the need to prove himself.

James confessed, “I think it’s because you’re proving yourself all the time. It’s not financial. It’s about proving to yourself that you can do it because when you were younger you were five to ten years behind everybody else at school. I’ve always had to fight for everything.

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“Now I’m of the belief that if I don’t do something, somebody is going to beat me to it so that keeps me going. I still feel like I’m fighting now. I will never think I have it all and sit back.”

Former Saturday Kitchen host James also shared that he actually failed his cookery class at school because he was unable to write down the recipes.

He shared, “I could do dishes better than my cookery teacher but because I couldn’t write the recipes down, I failed.”

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