Is news of pregnant Yahoo CEO a victory for women?

It was revealed this week that Marissa Mayer, the new chief executive of Yahoo, was appointed while six months pregnant.  

The appointment looks like great news for women, and shows how far we’ve come in shaking off those old prejudices about motherhood and career success being mutually exclusive.  
But, doesn’t the fact that Marissa Mayer’s story is considered newsworthy also highlight some quite depressing truths? First, that there are worryingly few women in these key boardroom roles. And secondly that there is a pervading sense of shock that a pregnant woman has been hired at all. After all, a man on the threshold of fatherhood securing a new job wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

So, should Marissa Mayer’s appointment be seen as another victory for women? Or does it serve to remind us that we still have a long way to go before we see real gender equality in the workplace?  

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Apester Lazyload