Inside The 2014 Oscars Ceremony – The Pics We Never See!

From a heart-warming hug between Angelina Jolie and Sidney Poitier to the best celebrity group selfie taken by host Ellen DeGeneres, don't miss the Oscars ceremony in pics!

This year’s Oscar’s was one of the best yet, thanks to host Ellen DeGeneres. Not only did the comedy heroine lighten the mood with her quips about celebrity guests, declaring Jared Leto the most beautiful of all the starlets and telling Jennifer Lawrence she fell over so often they would bring the Oscar to her, but she even got in amongst the seated guests to get them involved in proceedings and make the whole evening more interactive and fun. This was cemented when the stars got up and danced (most noticeably Lupita with Pharall Williams), photobombed each other (Benedict Cumberbatch to U2) and joked with each other throughout the night.

Taking photos with Liza Minnelli and Meryl Streep, chatting to Julia Roberts like they were old friends and making jokes about the most intimidating of a-listers (Brad Pitt ‘wouldn’t know when to come on if I didn’t introduce him’), Ellen even ordered pizza for the hungry celebs, brought on stage by a real pizza delivery boy. Did you ever think you’d see Chiwetel Ejiofor pass around a pizza? Or Brad Pitt throw in $20 for a tip? Neither did we. 

But it was the group selfie that was possibly the defining moment of Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars. Pulling together the biggest stars, from Brand and Angelina, to Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper and Lupita Nyong’o for a photo that once uploaded to Twitter not only made the website crash, but broke President Obama’s previous record, being retweeted over one million times to his 700,000. The president uploaded a photo of himself and Michelle hugging when he was reelected last year. So all in all, it was a less formal, more exciting three hours than previous years. See all the pictures here…