Helen Mirren Reveals That She Struggles With Self-Esteem On A “Daily Basis”

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  • Helen Mirren seems like the kind of A-list actress who literally has it all – fame, money, enviable acting talent, razor sharp wit – which is why her latest interview came as a bit of a shock. As it turns out, she struggles with self-confidence just like the rest of us – and endearingly, she isn’t afraid to talk about it.

    Opening up to presenter Victoria Derbyshire on her BBC2 show, she said: “Well I don’t know whether anyone else is different from me, it’s something I have to handle on almost a daily basis.”

    The critically acclaimed actress has been delving into the topic of confidence on behalf of L’Oreal Paris’ All Worth It campaign in partnership with The Prince’s Trust – a campaign that aims to provide young people with confidence training. Surprisingly, low self-esteem is something that Mirren has experienced first-hand and she was eager to share her thoughts on the topic.

    “Certainly, it’s more exacerbated I think when you’re younger because you don’t quite know what your place in the world is going to be,” she said. “You’re trying to fit in with everyone and yet you want to be an individual and [have] a personality all of your own, so it’s very challenging I think when you’re young.

    “But I think those moments of self-esteem certainly don’t go away as far as I’m concerned, you know, into your adulthood. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I became an actress, I don’t know.”

    When it comes to confidence, the 71-year-old Mirren added, her saving grace was a very simple facial expression.

    “It was only actually in my mid-thirties that I learnt how to smile,” she revealed. “I couldn’t smile before that, I thought I looked stupid when I smiled.

    “And then I learnt the power of a smile. And funnily enough when you smile, even if you don’t feel like smiling, you immediately feel better. And life feels a little bit better when you’re smiling.”

    We couldn’t agree more, Helen.

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