Great British Bake Off’s vegan contestant apologizes for ‘disappointing’ fans with technical challenge

Great British Bake Off's vegan Freya Cox surprised viewers after using animal products in the show's first episode

Great British Bake Off's vegan Freya Cox surprised viewers after using animal products in the show's first episode
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Great British Bake Off’s Freya Cox apologized to her fans ahead of the show’s first episode last night, after using animal products in the competition’s technical challenge. 

As the show’s first-ever vegan contestant, the nineteen-year-old psychology student had hoped to modernize the Great British Bake Off recipe list with her delicious plant-based creations. 

However, it looks like she might have to rethink her plans to introduce viewers to the alternative—and often more sustainable—approach to baking. The North Yorkshire amateur chef has now revealed that she must use the same ingredients as the other participants during the show’s famous technical challenges, much to the surprise of her loyal fanbase. 

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Freya has revealed she will be using animal products in the Bake Off technical challenges 

(Image credit: Channel 4)

Freya posted a disclaimer on the controversial decision for her followers explaining that it would be "unfair" to her fellow Great British Bake Off 2021 contestants if she was to bake with different products. 

“I was desperate to show the world vegan baking is just as exciting with the hope to inspire people to give it a go. For obvious reasons I wasn’t able to change the technical challenge as it would mean the whole show was unfair. Sorry if this is disappointing to hear,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Bake Off’s technical challenge is one of three challenges participants must overcome in each episode in order to progress to the next stage of the competition. It is designed to test the bakers’ initiative and confidence, requiring them to create a finished product with minimal instructions. The dish will then be judged blind and ranked from the best to the worst. Past technical challenges have had bakers whipping up treats like lemon meringue pie, profiteroles, and Yorkshire puddings. 

Luckily for Freya’s fans, she hasn’t abandoned her vegan passion altogether. The animal lover is still committed to promoting plant-based alternatives with her platform, promising to adapt all her technical challenge creations on the show once the season is over. 

“Once the show has finished I have plans to veganise the recipes for you all, so I hope this makes up for that,” she added. 

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