Attention All Candy Crush Addicts! These Are The Best FREE Puzzle Games Currently Out There…

Would you opt for a civilised round of Candy Crush over a cross-country Pokemon Go hunt any day? These are the best free online games around for all you puzzle (and armchair) lovers out there. Whether you’re a Facebook fan or an app afficionado, flying solo or feeling competitive, lying on a beach or lazing away a lunch break, we’ve got something to work out that brain whilst you while away those hours. Here are the top ten free games out there for Facebook, iOS, Android and Windows users. Prepare to abandon the rest of today’s to-do list…

1. Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Begin (or continue) your candy collecting quest with the latest game from the creators of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. This puzzle adventure features new candies alongside more testing combinations and challenging game modes. Warning: it’s (even more) addictive!

Available on: Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows 10

2. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack pits players against friends in a Trivial Pursuit-style quest of
knowledge – simply spin the wheel and allow chance to decide which of the six
categories you will face. Will it be geography, history, art and
literature, science and technology, entertainment or sports?

Available on: Facebook, iOS, Android, Blackberry

3. Hay Day

There are plenty of farming games around, but a combination of striking graphics and ease of use has sent Hay Day to number one in 122 countries. By selling goods, you earn coins which can be used to buy production buildings and decorative items, along with experience points, which enable you to move up through the levels.

Available on: Facebook, iOS


Android, Blackberry

4. Words on Tour

Enjoy a game of Scrabble? The creators of Words With Friends just ramped it up another gear. Solve word puzzles as you travel the world from the comfort of your deckchair, tackling some all too familiar obstacles (bad weather and roadblocks, anyone?) along your way.

Available on: Facebook, iOS, Android

5. QatQi

Ready for more of a challenge? If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, download QatQi, hailed by users as the most ‘beautiful’ word game around. Scrabble meets strategy as players explore ‘rooms’ on the game map in order to unearth sufficient gold to allow them to move to the next level, whilst crafting words to gain points.

Available on: iOS

6. Tetris Blitz: 2016 Edition

If you’re after a nostalgia hit, try this two minute version of the classic tile-matching game. Battle with friends whilst you marvel at the updated game’s fancy new features.

Available on: iOS, Android

7. Block x 3

The name of the game is as simple as, well, the name of the game – get three blocks of the same colour in a row or column. Relaxing, yet strangely addictive, with over 200 puzzles to work through, you’ll soon be struggling to tear yourself away.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

8. Alphabear

If you’re a word and animal lover, this is the game for you. From the makers of Triple Town, this is Scrabble with added cute factor. Spell words: words become bears. Little bears become big bears: the bigger the bears grow, the bigger your points haul grows.

Available on: iOS, Android

9. Best Fiends

This award-winning multi-platform game has been hailed as the best ‘match things at the bottom of the screen to kill enemies at the top’ game by gamers. No mean feat, considering the competition in that category.

Available on: Facebook, iOS, Android

10. Puzzle Craft 2

It’s billed as ‘the ultimate puzzle adventure’ and its players tend to agree. One of the most downloaded games of last year, Puzzle Craft 2 will have you building an empire, excavating mines and farming crops before breakfast, without even breaking a sweat.

Available on: iOS, Android