5 Vintage Finds That’ll Take You Back

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  • Remember the days when film cannisters had a hundred uses? As a makeshift rattling cat toy, a pocket-sized suncream pot or a somewhere safe to store your miniature sea shell collection, the possibilities were endless. The digital age may have its perks but they definitely don’t make things like they used to and these five vintage finds from yesteryear will take you right back…

    1. Milk bottles

    When the gentle clinking sound of the milk float completing its round would wake you up and your morning ritual included fetching the milk in. In the 1960s most of the nation had fresh milk delivered to their doorstep by hand, thanks to the local milk man. The foil lidded, glass bottles are fast becoming a thing of the past but there’s nothing quite like an icy cold glass of milk poured from one of these classic milk bottles.

    2. Cassette tapes

    While they required a great deal of patience as you have to hand write your playlist on the cover and rewind, fast forward and rewind again to find the start of a song, Sony Walkmans were on every teenager’s birthday list and cassette tapes undoubtedly had their perks. You could record your favourite songs straight from the radio and make your own mix tapes.

    3. Film cameras


    Something children from the digital age will never understand – having to wait for your photographs to be developed only to find that most of them are snapshots of the ground or that the film hadn’t been inserted properly. Not forgetting the handy film cannisters that the films came in. They were a genuis storage solution for all manner of miniature things.

    4. The type writer 

    Before word processors and PCs arrived on the scene in the early 1980s, official documents and letters had to be scrupulously typed and corrected using the very aptly named, ‘type writer’. Each letter was typed individually using a stamp which hit a ribbon of ink. Every so often the ink ribbons had to be replaced and if you made an error…well, you had to start all over again!

    5. Two pan kitchen scales

    In the days of electronic scales, we weighed everything out on two pan kitchen scales. On one side you put the weight, and the other side, the item you want to weigh. When it balances, you have your measurement.

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