Five Simple Tricks To Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal

How often have you been midway through a phone conversation when suddenly the line breaks just as you go to make yourself a cup of tea? Lost reception on mobile phones has been a pain for nearly everyone ever since their invention back in the 1970s – and though things definitely improved over time, there are still those who find themselves chained to that one part of the house in one particular position whenever they want a decent phone conversation.
Though consistent bad signal where you live may be a problem concerning the network provider, there are a number of tricks you can try to improve connectivity yourself.
Here at woman&home, we’ve found five of the best…
1. Charge your phone
Though it may seem like an obvious point to some, a fully charged phone battery really can be the difference between hours of uninterrupted chatter and two frustrated parties instead being forced to finish their conversation “another time”. Your phone may have enough power to connect a call while having low battery, but finding a strong phone signal is sometimes an entirely different matter.
2. Stay away from other electronic devices
Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, laptops and baby monitors are just some of the everyday items that can interfere with your phone’s network connection. By avoiding these devices when making a call, the signal from the network transmitter is able to get a clearer path to your phone.
3. Don’t cover the antenna
In the days when the most exciting thing you could do on a mobile phone was play “Snake”, it was much easier to locate the antenna on your phone – a small aerial sticking out at the top. When Apple launched the iPhone 4 in 2010, disgruntled buyers immediately complained about bad signal during phonecalls – all because of where the antenna was placed! Though it varies in all phones, finding out where yours is hidden and then holding it in a different position can do your phone signal a world of good.
4. Open a window
Brick walls and insulation can block the waves from mobile towers – and one of the simplest ways to combat this is to let some fresh air into the room.
5. Connect to your closest phone mast
Your phone may not be connecting to your closest mast automatically – to find where the mast nearest to your home is, you can visit your app store where there are plenty of programs to help you find out.