Eamonn Holmes Announces Happy Family News!

It’s a busy time in the Holmes/Langsford household at the moment. With Ruth undergoing a strict training regime for her Strictly appearances, and she and Eamonn both still appearing on TV for their various commitments on a regular basis, it’s a wonder the pair ever have time to do anything else!

But it seems the couple – and family – are going to have to take some time out to celebrate, as Eamonn has just announced some exciting family news.

Over on Instagram, the TV host made the happy announcement that his son, Declan, is engaged to his girlfriend, Dr Jenny Gouk.

Declan is Eamonn’s oldest son from his previous marriage. He also has two other children from his first marriage, Rebecca and Niall.


Eamonn also revealed the news to his Twitter followers, saying that there was ‘Much happiness in both our families’.

Fans were quick to congratulate Eamonn on the engagement announcement, with one writing “Congratulations to them both regards to you eamon and the family x”, while another said, “How lovely Congratulations to you all, such wonderfully happy news.”

Some social media users also commented on the family resemblance between Eamonn and his first-born, writing to say how similar the pair look to one another.

One fan wrote, “Lovely picture of the happy couple, inherited his Dad’s good looks. Congratulations to them both.”

While another said, “He has a lovely smile just like his daddy.”

Declan also thanked his Dad publically for the announcement, writing “Good news travels fast, thanks Dad.”


The pair have spoken about their close bond before to the Belfast Telegraph, with Eamonn revealing that son Declan decided not to follow his father into the media industry as a career, for fears that he would always be compared to him.

Discussing how Declan had dreams to become a sports reporter, Eamonn admitted, “I will never forget him coming to me one day and saying: ‘Dad I can’t do this. I will never be able to do this as I will always be compared to you.’

“For him that was the end of it, but it was very poignant and sad for me and I still get emotional thinking about it now.”

Son Declan also revealed how close the pair were as he was growing up.

He said, “Growing up, I always had a very close relationship with my dad. Even though he was really busy and working in England he always made the time to come home and see us.”

Ruth and Eamonn share one child, Jack, 15, who often appears in the Strictly audience for Saturday’s live shows to support his mum.