Eamonn Holmes receives scary health warning over his lack of sleep

For many married couples, working and sleeping together isn't a usual occurrence.

But for Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, spending the working day and the night together is just the way things are.

However, Eamonn recently took to social media to reveal that he and his wife of eight years often suffer a bout of sleeping issues - as both battle their own respective sleeping disorders.

But it seems that the lack of shut-eye could be affecting Eamonn more than he knew.

The TV veteran has confessed, in a clip for his and Ruth's newdocumentary series, How to Get a Good Nights Sleep, that he regularly only gets three hours kip a night, given his history of early mornings on breakfast TV.

He admitted, ''I just can't remember the last time I had a relaxing restorative sleep,"

But that could be impacting his health in ways he never considered. In a preview for the show,Dr Suveer Singh, consultant physician at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, told him of the adverse effects of too little sleep.

He revealed that limited sleeping time is linked to a range of terrifying health conditions - such as dementia, diabetes and heart disease.

Dr Singh also noted that many car accidents happen as a result of sleep-deprived drivers.

After receiving the reality check, Eamonn - who confessed he often has to have a nap at 2pm as he's so exhausted - said, "If you just can’t get shut eye it affects your health mentally. It also affects your health physically so...any improvement at all has got to be welcomed."

Yesterday, Eamonn revealed that his and Ruth's new two-part documentary series will be examining the available therapy for sleeping troubles.

Revealing that he and Ruth both battle with their sleep, the 58-year-old shared a message reading, "Do you struggle to have a peaceful nights sleep? Join @RuthieeLand I for the first of a two part documentary series where we set out to cure our respective sleeping disorders."

The will air on Wednesday at 9pm, on Channel 5.

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Eamonn also shared a trailer to for the two-part show, which shows the This Morning presenter admitting, "Sleep and me do not come easily together," whilst Ruth sleeps soundly in their bedroom.

Followers have been quick to share their excitement at Eamonn and Ruth's upcoming project.

One user replied, "I'll definitely be watching - any helpful tips I can get the better!"

Agreeing, another added, "Be interesting to watch. Shall be looking to see if it has tips to help me sleep better."

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