Viewers react as Eamonn Holmes criticises controversial guest during This Morning interview

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  • Eamonn Holmes sparked a mixed reaction on Monday, after taking part in an interview with a sperm donor live on This Morning.

    The 58-year-old presenter, and wife Ruth Langsford, were interviewing Mitch Kennedy, a man who acts as a sperm donor for couples who cannot conceive naturally.

    Mitch told Ruth and Eamonn Holmes how he offers his sperm for free to couples online, rather than going through a clinic, where they would pay.

    He went on to explain why he does what he does, saying that he helps couples to find happiness.

    Mitch said, “It’s in us to want to help people…and have a positive effect on the world. I’m a blood donor, I’m on the bone marrow register but there’s nothing that gives me so much feedback as donating sperm.”

    However, Eamonn seemed confused over the concept, claiming it is a “vanity project” for Mitch, rather than a way to help people.

    He said to him. “It’s like a bit vanity project in a way, you can make someone happy, you can not make them happy.”

    The presenter went on to confess that he finds the idea “weird”, and suggested that Mitch, who also occasionally works in TV and film, is simply seeking “applause”. Eamonn Holmes admitted,”I think it’s weird, I do, I find it weird. And I think you’ve really got to ask yourself are you there for the applause as an actor?”

    But Mitch hit back, saying, “I’m not an actor, I do little bit parts in TV and film.”

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    However, Eamonn Holmes continued to persist with his line of questioning, in an attempt to find out why Mitch does what he does. He asked, “Do you like the attention? Obviously,”

    To which Mitch said, “The only reason I did the documentary was so that people would know about this because most people don’t know.”

    Some viewers were left a little unhappy at Eamonn’s interview stance, explaining how they feel the presenter had perhaps been a bit too harsh on guest Mitch.

    One social media user said, ‘Its 2018, cant be calling people weird and vain for donating sperm.’ While another agreed, ‘I think @thismorning presenters @EamonnHolmes @RuthieeL are not nice grilling Mitch. He’s a great guy donating his sperm to those couples who can’t conceive. Felt sorry for Mitch, he was uncomfortable’.

    However, a handful of other viewers believed Eamonn was right in his approach, and was simply asking the tough questions he needed to.

    A This Morning viewer said on Twitter, ‘As a person who was conceived w/donor sperm, I wholeheartedly approve of and applaud his line of questioning. One man shouldn’t be fathering 100+ children that he doesn’t know. It’s a moral issue.’

    Others also highlighted the difficulties with what Mitch does, and how it could causes issues in the future. One wrote, ‘ It just doesn’t seem right to me. Think of how many people that would be related out there.’

    Mitch also revealed in the interview how he has now fathered 20 children, after selling his sperm on the internet. Ruth and Eamonn also noted that Mitch’s method is unregulated, and currently isn’t backed by the legal system.

    It’s certainly a tricky topic, and it’s clear that different people have a range of differing views on the issue. What did you think of the discussion?

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