The reason Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are spending their wedding anniversary apart

On 9th April, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will see in their 13th wedding anniversary. However, the royal couple won't be celebrating the milestone together.

Currently, Prince Charles is finishing off a tour of Australia, where he paid a visit to the Commonwealth Games.

And while Camilla joined him for the beginning of the visit to Aus, she returned home late last week – cutting her stay short.

And unfortunately, the decision means that the pair are not able to spend their special anniversary together.

While the pair visited Brisbane and the Gold Coast together, Prince Charles has stayed on, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Gove and Darwin, along with the Pacific island of Vanuata without his wife. He is set to return to the UK on 10th April.

There have been many suggestions as to why the Duchess of Cornwall has cut her visit short, with some pointing to the gruelling nature of overseas royal tours. Camilla herself has previously spoken about the toll her royal duties take on her at 70 years of age.

In an interview with You magazine, she confessed that she’s often so exhausted from her responsibilities she can’t get out of bed.

“Sometimes you get up in the morning and think you can’t do it, and you just have to.

“The minute you stop it’s like a balloon, you run out of puff – you sort of collapse in a heap. I think you live on adrenaline.”

However, a spokesperson for the royal previously revealed that the decision was made simply due to some busy upcoming months for the Duchess.

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According to Sky News, they said, “The Duchess has always wanted to go to the Commonwealth Games. But she was taking a little longer to decide what the rest of the programme was going to be. And what the rest of her programme this year was going to be.

“We have got CHOGM [the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London], the Prince of Wales’ birthday, their Spring tour…so she is going to return after the Commonwealth Games as that would be the natural point to return home.”

When asked if her move was a snub to Australia, the spokesperson for the Duchess confirmed, “No. It’s quite a gruelling tour, with some fantastic places for the Prince to visit. Her last tour there was in 2013. She is going to the Games, which she regards as a very important part of it.”

The spokesperson was also asked by press whether or not they thought it was odd that Camilla’s overseas trip is to last just two days.

However, they responded, “Better than not. She decided a few weeks ago to firm up her plans. We were always looking at the Duchess coming.”

The palace official also confirmed that no health issues were at play in the decision. However, they did admit that Camilla is fearful of flying.

“The Duchess does not like flying. But I think she sometimes has to embrace that fear and get on with it.”

The spokesperson also assured that the Duchess is “as fit as a flea”.

We’re sure that Charles and Camilla will mark their special anniversary together when they are both back home.

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