Doing It For The Kids

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  • Last November, we announced the launch of P&G Champion Mums’
    Foundation, which gave mums the chance to receive an award from a
    £150,000 bursary fund. The awards were designed to help mums make small,
    meaningful changes that would make a difference to their lives as mums,
    to their families or communities.

    The mission struck a chord
    with w&h reader Jennai Alert, 40, from Surrey who runs children’s
    drama, dance and singing classes in Langley Vale village hall. “The hall
    is a magical setting for children’s theatre, but it was in need of a
    spruce-up,” says Jennai, a mum of seven children aged from 8 months to
    14 years. “The stage needed sanding and revarnishing, the curtains were
    old and tattered, and the bakstage room was in a sorry state.”

    thanks to a £10,000 bursary award from the P&G Champion Mums’
    Foundation, the hall has had a face-lift. “All sorts of groups use the
    hall, from the pre-school nursery to Beaver Scouts, so lots of people
    will benefit,” she says.

    “Refurbishing the hall has made it more
    inviting. The improved facilities will attract more children to take
    part in the activities offered, and I’m planning to extend the drama
    classes. Theatre is a great way for children to gain confidence and
    learn to work together, and this award has given our village hall star
    quality,” Jennai adds.

    Behind the prize
    For the past 170
    years P&G has been responsible for creating time-saving products to
    make mums’ lives that little bit easier, such as Ariel Stain Remover
    and Silvikrin Hair Spray. As the Proud Sponsor of Mums, it’s helping in
    other ways to say thank you for all the great things mums do. Visit for more information.

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