Do MPs deserve a pay rise?… Today’s Debate

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  • News that backbench MPs could see their salaries rise from £66,000 to more than £70,000 after the next election has left us all feeling a little disconcerted in the woman&home office today.
    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is expected to issue its recommendations at the end of the month, and many are anticipating a favourable response to the idea.
    We can’t imagine many people will be too pleased about the news, particularly after the parliamentary expenses scandal in 2009. Even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has spoken out saying he wouldn’t accept a big pay rise even if it were recommended for MPs.
    Surely with so many public sector cuts and pay freezes across the board, the last thing MPs should be talking about is their own pay!
    What do you think? Have MPs got their priorities mixed up? Or do you think they deserve a pay increase? Let us know in our forums or comment in the box below.

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