Davina McCall forced to defend her exercise routine against trolls on Loose Women

Davina McCall

While Davina McCall is most well known for her successful presenting career, many in recent years have come to known her for her love of fitness and her impressive exercise routine.

But when the star appeared on Loose Women yesterday, she was forced to defend herself against social media trolls who claim she is 'addicted' to exercise.

When asked by the panellists how she feels about the criticism, she said, "I don’t really care. I’d much rather be trolled about doing too much exercise, I think at least that’s a good thing.

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"I exercise three or four times a week for an hour. That’s not too much."

Janet Street-Porter however seemed to keen to put the other side of the argument to Davina, responding that to some people, that will seem like a lot.

She said, "No, no, I think to you that’s normal.

"But a lot of people watching will think four hours of the week of exercise is a lot, when actually all the figures and research show that even if you only walk for 15 or 20 minutes a day you are getting enough exercise, it’s giving you benefits."

Davina responded, saying that she simply prefers to work out more frequently. She admitted, "It will give you a bit of benefit, but what I’ve always said is three times a week or nothing.

"Like if you don’t do three times a week, you’re never going to get the benefit from exercise. 15 or 20 minutes walk a day might help with your blood pressure but…

"I completely agree with you. I’m not dissing other people. We were talking about people trolling me about being addicted to exercise, and what I was trying to say was, I don’t think three or four hours a week is addicted. I don’t think for anybody [it is]."

Many viewers online were quick to defend Davina too, commenting to say that she's a role model with her healthy lifestyle.

One wrote, 'A positive role model promoting health benefits of exercise. Love it @ThisisDavina people should move more as the mental benefits are as good as physical ones #feelgoodfactor'.

While another fan agreed, saying, 'Davina looks Amazing, toned and happy. You go girl!'

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