Charlotte Hawkins reveals her ‘brilliant’ way of putting Piers Morgan in his place

It’s no secret that Piers Morgan can leave his Good Morning Britain co-presenters feeling slightly irritated - to put it mildly. But it turns out there’s one presenter who he winds up a little more than the others.

Presenting trio Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway gave an exclusive joint interview for the September issue of woman&home.

And when asked who he irritates the most, Charlotte told us, “Probably me…or Susanna, but she keeps calm about it. I don’t know whether she’s got a little doll that she sticks pins in behind the scenes or something – maybe that’s why she’s so calm on-screen.”

And while she might struggle to keep calm, Charlotte revealed she has a very cunning way of putting Piers in his place.

“Both Susanna and I do quite a lot of eye-rolling,” she said. “I quite like that because you can make him think he’s running away with something and having his say, while the viewers can see our reaction and know what’s really going on.”

Susanna also shared a secret about her co-presenter, “You’ve got the most brilliant thunder look, Charlotte”, she said.

Charlotte Hawkins

And Charlotte didn’t deny it. “It’s normally when he interrupts the news bulletin that he gets that look,” she told us. “Just recently he was having a cup of tea and he kept putting it in front of my shot and blocking me out. It was driving me nuts, and it was driving the director nuts who told Piers to stop doing it. Then he did it one more time and I lost it. He’s like a child,” she added.

It turns out that it’s not just Piers who gets the “thunder” look though. She revealed: “Piers is definitely the main recipient of it…though my husband did watch the other day and say, ‘Oh, I’ve seen that look.’” We’ll certainly be looking out for it from now on!

Read the full interview with Charlotte, Susanna and Kate in the September 2018 issue of Woman & Home, on sale now.

Nathalie Whittle

Natalie Whittle is a British journalist specialising in celebrity content in the women's lifestyle sector. She previously held the role of Celebrity Director at Woman & Home and has also worked at Prima, Red & Good Housekeeping.