The real reason Carol McGiffin kept her wedding a secret

Carol McGiffin

After 10 years with her partner Mark Cassidy, Carol McGiffin recently revealed that the pair actually married in secret, over 12 months ago.

The 58-year-old, speaking on Loose Women, confessed that the couple went and tied the knot in Bangkok this time last year, holding the ceremony with just the two of them there.

Carol told fellow Loose Women panellists, "We did it on our own, just us two, nobody at all. It had to be like that – all or nothing."

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She then went on to reveal the real reason she and and Mark kept the big news under wraps for so long - admitting that she simply liked it being their 'secret'.

Carol said, "We thought 'we won't tell anyone just yet'. We liked it being a secret, a secret we carried on until we thought it’s getting awkward now.

"But you get to the point where it's getting out of control, I thought I have to tell everyone, I kept forgetting and wearing my ring."

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The presenter then shared that they eventually told their family and friends during 'separate celebrations' throughout the year.

"No one knew we were going to do it, but we've basically spent the past year having separate celebrations with different friends and family, telling them all in person. Now they all know, we're ready for it to come out", she confessed.

Luckily, Carol was happy to share some of the details of the ceremony with viewers, revealing that they chose Bangkok to get married in as it's a special place for them both.

"'It was special, we got married in Bangkok, it's quite tricky and difficult. Lot of places to go, running around," she said. "For the night party we went for dinner on the river. Bangkok is a place we both love and have always gone to. It was the right place to go to."

Congratulations Carol and Mark!

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