The Pictures From Call The Midwife That Will Make You Very Excited For Sunday’s Finale

Can you believe that the sixth season of Call the Midwife is nearly over? Sob. It feels like the newest installment of the period drama has only just begun, but we’ll be saying goodbye to the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House on Sunday 12th March for another series – and we’re devastated that our favourite Sunday night show will be over again for another few months.

But fear not – we’ve still got Sunday’s Call the Midwife finale to look forward to! And it looks like the episode is set to be a pretty exciting one. Pictures have been released ahead of the show, and we can’t wait to watch it.

Sunday’s episode will be the one in which midwife Barbara Gilbert marries vicar Tom, after getting engaged at the beginning of this sixth season.

But isn’t it all a bit sudden? Well, the actress who plays Barbara, Charlotte Ritchie, has explained the reason for the last-minute rush. She told What’s On TV, “Her dad, who is a vicar, is going away for three years. But it’s very important to her that he conducts the ceremony, so they have to get married straight away and there’s no excuse to dilly-dally.” Now it all makes sense…

(Nurse Barbara Gilbert, played by Charlotte Ritchie)

So what else do we know about the upcoming episode? Well, apparently there’s no chance of Barbara and Tom starting a family just yet, as Charlotte has revealed that she visits a contraceptive clinic in the next episode. She said, “They’re a good match, but there may not be babies yet because she visits a family planning clinic in this episode.”

And the actress revealed that the experience of filming that episode has certainly helped her to relate to the actresses who pretend to give birth on the show, saying “It was awkward having the actress playing the doctor pretending to look up my skirt to fit a contraceptive cap, and now I realise what it’s like for our other actress who come in!”

(Nuns and midwives from Nonnatus House decorating the car for the wedding)

Charlotte also revealed some more backstage gossip from the set of the fabulous midwife programme. Ever wondered what it’s like to work with all of those adorable babies? Well, the actress reveals that sometimes it really is a case of “Never work with children or animals”, because it turns out they can be quite the little divas. She joked that, “They are real divas. They cry all the time. They have 15-minute breaks every 15 minutes and everyone has to hushed when they turn up! They get everything they want.”

So after Sunday’s episode, when will we get to see Call the Midwife again? Well, good news, because the series has been commissioned for a further three seasons! It will be back again for it’s classic Christmas special, and Charlotte confirmed that the cast would be back in snowy Poplar, rather than Africa, which is where the crew at Nonnatus House ended up in this year’s Christmas episode.

See the finale of Call the Midwife on BBC One at 8pm.

Apester Lazyload