Everything We Know About Broadchurch Series 3 So Far

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  • Broadchurch series 3 is soon set to hit our screens, and it’s the TV drama comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

    The ITV show has been one of the most popular crime dramas on TV since it surfaced in 2013, following the murder of young Danny Miller, and, in series 2, the subsequent court case, and a new murder of two young girls.

    But grab your hankies, as this season is set to be the last. David Tennant, the star of the show alongside the fabulous Olivia Coleman, has expressed his sadness at the end of the crime drama. He said, “What will be sad is that we’ll never go back to it. It’s always been there as a sort of friendly, comfortable place that we’ll return to. But now that doesn’t exist anymore, it feels like a loss.”

    So what do we know about the final series of the drama that’s kept us hooked to our TV screens over the last few years?

    1. It will begin on February 27th – and is likely to air for just over a month

    An air-date has officially been set for Broadchurch series 3, and there’s even an exciting trailer to go along with it. Both of the previous two seasons were on for around six weeks, and so it’s likely that this third one will also follow suit.


    2. David Tennant and Olivia Coleman will return – and will be joined by some new faces

    Our favourite two characters will return as the unstoppable police duo, as Olivia reprises her role as DS Ellie Miller, while David Tennant will return as DI Alec Hardy. Grieving parents Beth and Mark Latimer, played by Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan, from the drama’s previous two series are also set to make a return. But this season will also welcome a host of new characters. Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh will be in the new series as a lady called Trish, and the series will include Lenny Henry, who will play a shop owner called Ed Burnett and Sarah Parish as Trish’s friend Cath.

    3. The plot is still a closely guarded secret

    Earlier on, writer of the show Chris Chibnall agreed that “We have one last story to tell.”

    But recently, David Tennant has revealed that keeping the plot of the show a secret from the general public is almost a strict as the security surrounding Fort Knox. He admitted to the Radio Times that each cast member was issued with different passwords for different bits of the script, saying “new bits of script would come through and you’d forget what your password was and have to phone somebody up and prove it was you.”

    He also admitted – understandably – that the security around the shows details drove him slightly crazy. He said, “I’d phone up the office and go, ‘I need it on paper, I can’t cope!'”

    4. And it’s likely the story will cover Julie Hesmondhalgh’s intense story in detail

    A sneak peak of the new series has been released on Twitter, and it looks pretty haunting. It shows Julie’s character, Trish, standing on the beach staring into the distance with a tear in her eye, while Olivia’s character Ellie helps her into the car after it seems that she’s reported a sexual assault.


    5. But the story will still follow the main characters we all know and love

    Broadchurch series 3 is set to chart how Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman), is coping with life as a single mother, plus the way Alec Hardy (David Tennant) is faring, as he’s been spending more time away from the coastal town.

    Watch Broadchurch series three on 27th February, ITV, 9pm