Brian Conley Explains His Reported Strictly ‘Rant’

Over the past weekend, comedian Brian Conley became the latest celebrity to be eliminated from popular dancing show Strictly Come Dancing.

He and professional partner Amy Dowden faced the dreaded dance-off with Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer and his partner Karen Clifton – but it was Brian who was eventually kicked off of the programme for his and Amy’s jive.

Live on Sunday’s show, Brian gushed about what a wonderful time he’d had on the programme, and thanked dance partner Amy for everything she’d done for him.

But things took a slightly strange turn following the weekend shows, with various reports on Monday claiming that Brian had gone a bizarre ‘rant’, which had been edited out of the programme.

Various publications stated that funnyman Brian had referred to the BBC set as a “sh**hole”, while many also stated that he was rude to the judges.

However, 52-year-old Brian this morning took to the Lorraine sofa, in order to clarify the rumours.

Speaking to Lorraine’s stand-in Christine Lampard, Brian explained that he hadn’t “had a rant”, and that he was simply trying to “diffuse the situation” with an injection of humour.

He explained, “At the end of the show, it was like a funeral and I just wanted to diffuse the situation. Typical me, I’m an entertainer, I make people laugh.

“Darcey [Bussell] was really emotional and she looked really upset, so I didn’t know what to say to cheer her up, [so I said] “Darcey, you’re very horny”. And of course everyone laughed and it was a bit of fun. [I said] “Shirley [Ballas], you’re a legend.

“And then I said, ‘There’s one thing that really upsets me being on this show… is the toilets’. Everyone thought I was going to say something profound. I went, ‘It’s the toilets, they’ve got to sort them out. Just buy ten quid’s worth of bleach to get rid of that smell’ and that was that.’

“I didn’t have a rant. I was having a laugh. And that’s all it was. It was a wonderful time. I said, ‘Tess, you can tell me to go and have a dance now’, she went ‘Brian, go and have a dance’ – and I did.”

Brian continued to explain, “I just wanted to diffuse everything. I wanted to go, alright, let’s not be down. I don’t want to finish on a down, I know I’m out, but let’s just bring it up now.

“Typical me. Just wanted to have some fun.”

And revealing why he’d chosen to explain himself, he admitted, “I wanted to put the record straight.”

After the show, Brian then took to Twitter to thank Christine for allowing him to clear up the rumours…


The actor and comedian will now be embarking on a Christmas panto run, as he plays Button in the Milton Keynes production of Cinderella, alongside Gok Wan.

Apester Lazyload